History Of Yoga

Know In Details About The History Of Yoga

We all know how yoga is beneficial for our health, But do we know what is the history of yoga? Yoga is a Sanskrit...
couple yoga poses

5 Quick And Easy Couple Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Source :- cdn . lifehack . org Some people prefer working out alone because they are better able to focus and concentrate. But there are also...
What Is Yoga

Best Time To Do Yoga For Healthy Living

Yoga is a spiritual activity to make connection between your mind, brain, and body. Yoga is the most popular physical activity among all other...
Yoga Day

21st June: The International Yoga Day

Source Yoga is a holistic approach to human health and well-being. International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June in many countries of the world...
5 elements of life

5 Elements Of Life And Their Importance In Our Life

Source:- https:// www . mesahealthandwellness . com/Contents/Item/Display/674 From ancient times scholars have been advocating that the structure of this universe has been composed of five...
Right Time To Do Yoga

What Is The Best Time To Do Yoga Morning Or Night

Source :- pranamaya . com Yoga is one of the Hindu philosophical tradition among six orthodox schools of ancient India. This is a Hindu spiritual practice...
difference between yoga and pilates

What Are The Difference Between Yoga And Pilates?

Source Adopting a healthy lifestyle has always been a mantra for those who enjoy a healthy and free lifestyle. Fitness freak always looks for different...
good thoughts of the day in English

Quotes On Good Thoughts Of The Day In English

Source Good thoughts quotes are always inspiring for people. It helps to build up self-confidence and makes you determined. When you feel low or you...
Yoga Slogan

# Some Inspirational Slogan On Yoga

Source Yoga is an ancient Indian way of life. In which the work of bringing the body, mind, and soul together (yoga). Through yoga, the...

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