Know The Steps And Benefit Of Ardha Matsyendrasana

This Ardha Matsyendrasana posture is also called "half spinal twist pose" in English. It is said that the complete Matsyendrasana ("full spinal twist pose")...
Chakrasana steps

Chakrasana Steps, Benefits And Precautions Know In Details

Source :- cdn2 . stylecraze . com Sanskrit Name: Chakrasana (चक्रासन) English Name: Wheel Pose, Half Circle Pose Type of Yoga: Ashtanga Yoga Level of Yoga: Basic Duration: As per...
What Is Brahmacharyasana

Brahmacharyasana Steps And Benefits: Know In Details

Source :- sivasakti . com This Asana is very important for the spiritual practice of Brahmacharya, hence this posture has been given the name of Brahmacharyasana....
What is Baddha Padmasana

Benefits Of Baddha Padmasana, And The Methods to Do

Source :- i.pinimg . com Baddha Padmasana or Locked Lotus Pose is a breathing yoga that is mentioned in Sanhita. Baddha Padmasana is a very good...
Vajrasana precautions

Vajrasana Precautions, Steps: Everything About Vajrasana

Source :- anmolmehta . com Sanskrit Name: Vajrasana (वज्रासन) English Name: Thunderbolt Pose, Adamantine pose, Diamond pose, Pelvic pose, Kneeling Pose Type of Yoga: Vinyasa Yoga Level of Yoga:...
What Is Gomukhasana

How To Do Gomukhasana & What Are The Benefits Of Gomukhasana

In Gomukhasana, the person's shape becomes like cow's face that is why it is called Gomukhasana. This yoga pose is of spiritual importance and...
What Is Shashankasana

Steps & Benefits Of Shashankasana Or The Rabbit Pose

If you suffering from any kind of problem either physical or mental, then obviously you will knock on the doctor's door. There are problem...

Padangusthasana | Supine Hand to Toe Pose

Source Sanskrit Name: Padangusthasana (पादंगुष्ठासन) English Name: Supine Hand to Toe Pose or Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose Type of Yoga: Hatha Yoga Level of Yoga: Basic Duration:...
Ardha Pincha Mayurasana

Ardha Pincha Mayurasana | Dolphin Pose

Source Sanskrit Name: Ardha Pincha Mayurasana (अर्द्ध पिंचा मयूरासन) English Name: Dolphin Pose (Also known as Half Feathered Peacock Pose) Type of Yoga: Ashtanga Yoga Level of Yoga:...
What Is Bakasana or The Crow pose

Know all about the Bakasana benefits, steps & Precautions

Bakasana (बाकसाना) is also known as the crow or crane prose as during the posture the body appears like a crow. This posture is...

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