What Is Brahmacharyasana

Brahmacharyasana Steps And Benefits: Know In Details

Source :- sivasakti . com This Asana is very important for the spiritual practice of Brahmacharya, hence this posture has been given the name of Brahmacharyasana....
Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani (legs up the wall pose) Step & Benefits

Source Name of the Yoga Pose: Viparita Karani (विपरीत करनी) or legs up the wall pose Type of Yoga: Hatha Yoga Level of Yoga: Basic Duration: As per...
ardha halasana

All Detail About Ardha Halasana Or Half Plow Pose

Source :- cdn2 . momjunction . com Ardha Halasana or Half Plow Pose is a pose of yoga which is mainly for beginners. Ardha Halasana is...
Vajrasana precautions

Vajrasana Precautions, Steps: Everything About Vajrasana

Source :- anmolmehta . com Sanskrit Name: Vajrasana (वज्रासन) English Name: Thunderbolt Pose, Adamantine pose, Diamond pose, Pelvic pose, Kneeling Pose Type of Yoga: Vinyasa Yoga Level of Yoga:...
What is Baddha Padmasana

Benefits Of Baddha Padmasana, And The Methods to Do

Source :- i.pinimg . com Baddha Padmasana or Locked Lotus Pose is a breathing yoga that is mentioned in Sanhita. Baddha Padmasana is a very good...
Benefits of Yoga for Kids

5 Beneficial Yoga Poses For Kids

Yoga is a spiritual activity which keeps us healthy. Yoga is beneficial for adults and kids too. Yoga helps kids to grow fast and...
akarna dhanurasana

A Detail About Akarna Dhanurasana And Its Benefits

Source :- yogajournal . com Akarna Dhanurasana or Archer's Pose is an intermediate level pose of yoga. In this pose, body resembles like an archer which...

Koundinyasana (Sage Kaundinya’s Pose) | Steps | Benefits

Source Name Of The Asana: Koundinyasana (कोउन्दिन्यासन) or Sage Kaundinya’s Pose Type of Yoga: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Level of Yoga: Advanced Duration: As per your capability or 30...
Chakrasana steps

Chakrasana Steps, Benefits And Precautions Know In Details

Source :- cdn2 . stylecraze . com Sanskrit Name: Chakrasana (चक्रासन) English Name: Wheel Pose, Half Circle Pose Type of Yoga: Ashtanga Yoga Level of Yoga: Basic Duration: As per...

Know The Steps And Benefit Of Ardha Matsyendrasana

This Ardha Matsyendrasana posture is also called "half spinal twist pose" in English. It is said that the complete Matsyendrasana ("full spinal twist pose")...

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