Bed Exercises To Lose Weight

5 Best And Effective Bed Exercises To Lose Weight

If you're trying to lose weight fast, you would want to know the right strategies that can help you shed those extra pounds quickly....
Hatha Yoga Basic Poses

5 Hatha Yoga Basic Poses You Should Know

Hatha Yoga is one of the 14 types of yoga. This is a Sanskrit word which means force, Sanskrit word "ha" describes the Sun...
Different Types Of Yoga Style

Yoga For Health: Different Types Of Yoga For Healthy Life

Yoga is a physical practice of ancient India to relax your mind and body. Yoga is the most popular physical practice around the world...

Kalaripayattu: The Oldest Martial Art In The world

Source People all over the world understand and learn Indian music, dance, and yoga, but there is also an art born in India that did...

Prenatal Yoga At Home For Beginners: A Proper Guide

Are you pregnant and looking for ways to stay fit and relax? If your answer is YES’ then you might be making an allowance...
sitting asanas in yoga

Know How To Do Sitting Asanas In Yoga & Its Benefits

Source:- https://biohmhyd . com/services/meditation-3/ Yoga provides many types of physical and mental benefits but it is not easy to execute the Asanas of yoga prominently....
Shashankasana Yoga Sequence

Know In Details About The Shashankasana Yoga Sequences

Shashankasana is also called 'Shashak (rabbit) posture' because its final posture looks like a rabbit. This asana helps in getting relief from stress and...
Here Are The Anusara Yoga For Beginners

5 Anusara Yoga For Beginners To Practice At Home

Yoga posture plays a vital role in keeping us healthy and away from stress in our busy and stressful life. By doing yoga, the...
Props of Iyengar Yoga And Their Usage

Iyengar Yoga Props And Their Usage

Iyengar Yoga is portrayed by methods for various characteristics, fundamentally accuracy as a result arrangement, timing of the stances, sequencing of the stances, after...
sitting cross legged

Sitting Cross Legged Yoga Poses to Get Healthy Body

Source Sitting cross legged yoga poses consist of Padmasana or Lotus Pose, Baddha Padmasana or Locked Lotus Pose, Utthita Padmasana or Scale pose, Ardha Padmasana...

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