4 Easy And Effective Poses Of Yoga For Knee Pain

Yoga For Knee Pain

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Increasing age increases the likelihood of having joint pain. Due to the weakness of bones in the body, due to the proper exercise and lack of essential nutrients in the food, diseases of the joints begin to appear and grow. Though the use of medicines provides occasional benefits for this pain, its authentic alternative treatment is available in yoga, which can benefit from the early release of pain. Yoga is an ancient Indian technique that exacerbates the pain from the root and releases the body. Yoga provides relaxation to the mind by improving physical health. So let’s know which are the poses of yoga for knee pain.

We all know, knee pain is found in children and adults around the world, which is a common disease. In fact, knee disease increases with age. In knee pain, we use home remedies in the first level of medication, but sometimes you have to face difficulty in walking, as a consultation doctor will be necessary.

Poses Of Yoga For Knee Pain

Poses Of Yoga For Knee Pain:

Knee pain is such a problem that people are battling in large numbers. Many people have adopted many types of remedies, including therapies, surgery, and medicines etc. for their treatment, but still, do not make any difference. In this way, you can solve this problem through Yoga. Let’s know, some such poses of yoga asanas for knee pain.


Tadasana or Mountain Pose:

Tadasana is composed of two words of Sanskrit Tada and asana. Tada which means Mountain and Asana means Pose. Tadasana yoga is very effective to bring the stance in both sides and body, from the feet to the feet and to increase the length. Apart from this, this posture also has many advantages to the body. It keeps us away from various disorders and also removes body problems. This is one of the poses of asanas for knee pain.

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Steps To Do:

  • Stand straight on the floor and keep a distance between the two legs.
  • After this, keep your hands touching the body completely open.
  • There is no tension in your hands or your fists are closed
  • Now lift your arms while breathing and interlock your fingertips with each other.
  • After this, lift your heels and stand with your toes.
  • Now feel the feet, toes and stretch in the body.
  • Stay in this posture for some time while breathing.
  • Repeat this yoga posture at least 10 times.

Makarasana or Crocodile Pose

Makarasana or Crocodile Pose:

The meaning of “Makara” in Sanskrit is a crocodile. In this posture, the body looks like a crocodile, hence it has been named Makarasana. It is also called Crocodile Yoga Pose. If this yoga is done in the right way, then it has many benefits. Makarasana is a very good yoga practice for the waist and spine and plays an important role in reducing your depression. This is one of the poses of yoga mudra for knee pain.

Steps To Do:

  • Lie down on the stomach, touching the floor with chin, chest, and stomach.
  • Now you lift the head and make the cup shape by bringing both hands on the cheek.
  • Slowly bring both feet to the bottom of your hips and then slowly move down.
  • This is a cycle.
  • In this way, you have to do ten cycles.

Veerasana or Hero Pose

Veerasana or Hero Pose:

Veerasana derives its name from the word “Veer,” meaning brave or courageous. This pose is traditionally associated with meditation and is ideally practiced in the morning. It is also known as one of the beneficial yoga poses for alleviating knee pain.

Steps To Do:

  • Sit on your legs folding them.
  • Hold your right ankle and remove the right paw from the bottom of the hip and keep it out of the right thigh.
  • Do this with the left leg too.
  • Doing this, your hip should touch the ground.
  • Keep your hands on the knees.
  • Sit comfortably as long as you can.

Trikonasana or Triangle Pose

Trikonasana or Triangle Pose:

‘Trikona’ means triangle and asana means yoga. This means that in this asana the body becomes the shape of the triangle, hence its name is trikonasana. Trikonasana is a very good yoga practice to reduce back and knee pain. It plays a major role in controlling diabetes along with reducing obesity. This is one of the poses of yoga for knee pain.

Steps To Do:

  • Stand straight Make a convenient distance between your legs.
  • Rotate your right leg 90 degrees and left leg 15 degrees.
  • Bring the center of your right heel to the center of the curve formed by the left leg of your left foot.
  • Make sure your body weight is equal on both feet.
  • Take a deep breath inward, turn your body to the right.
  • Lift your left hand up in the air and take the right hand down to the ground Visit.
  • Drag your left hand toward the ceiling and straighten the shoulders
  • Keep in mind that your body is bent towards the side.
  • Hold This pose for 2 minutes

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