Yoga Postures For Upper Back Pain: Say Goodbye To Back Pain

Yoga Postures For Upper Back Pain

Are you suffering from severe upper back pain lately? If you are troubled with upper back pain for a long time you can try yoga postures for upper back pain this will help you to get rid of the upper back pain easily and effectively.

The idea of the body without bones is difficult. It is the bones that provide shape and basis to our body. And the most important bone in our body is the spinal cord. Most people can now be seen complaining of back pain. This can be due to spinal problems in the spinal cord. In this article, we are going to talk about the yoga postures for upper back pain.

Yoga Postures For Upper Back Pain

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Yoga Postures For Upper Back Pain:

Here I have provided some effective yoga postures for upper back pain that will certainly help you to get rid of the upper back pain in just a few weeks. To get rid of upper back pain with the help of yoga postures, you need to practice them regularly on time. Let’s now check out the yoga postures for upper back pain below.

Bharadvajasana (Bharadvaja's Twist)

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Bharadvajasana (Bharadvaja’s Twist)

People who are suffering from upper back pain must practice Bharadvajasana or the Bharadvaja’s twist regularly to get rid of the upper back pain. This is considered one of the best yoga postures for upper back pain.

How To Do Bharadvajasana (Bharadvaja’s Twist)?

  • Sit down on the floor on your torso spreading the legs in front of you
  • Bend your right leg from the knee and place the ankle under the left torso
  • Life your left leg and place the left leg over the right knee (as shown in the picture)
  • Rotate towards your left side and place your left palm on the floor behind your back
  • Place your right hand over the left knee touching the ground
  • Look at you back
  • Hold for 60 seconds
  • Now repeat the same process on your other side

Cat-Cow Pose

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Cat-Cow Pose

The cat-cow pose is one of the easiest yoga postures for upper back pain. Anyone can perform this cat cow posture at home. This Asana is the easiest and comfortable stretch for the waist.

How to Do Cat Cow Pose?

  • For this asana sit on your knee on a yoga mat or on the floor
  • Lifting your torso stand on your knee and bending towards your front side place your palm on the floor
  • In this position move your back up and down
  • While moving your back look up and down as shown in the picture
  • Continue for 20 times
  • Repeat this set 3 to 5 times

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Marichyasana (Spinal Twist Pose)

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Marichyasana (Spinal Twist Pose)

When it comes to spinal twist, you have many options. It is one of the basic and influential Marichyasana. This one is one of the most helpful yoga postures for upper back pain. This asana turns our spinal cord. This stretch is extremely beneficial for the upper backbone.

How To Do Marichyasana (Spinal Twist Pose)?

  • For this asana, Lie down on a yoga mat on your back
  • Spread the arms to the sides, palms facing the floor
  • fold your left knee and twist it to your right side; place the left foot touching the right knee
  • For variation you can also hold your left knee with your right hand
  • Twist your upper part of the body to your left side and facing to your left close your eyes
  • Relax in this posture for about 1 minute
  • Repeat the same process to your right side.
  • Continue doing this at least 20 times
  • You can do 2 to 3 sets of this yoga posture for upper back pain

Halasana (Plow Pose)

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Halasana (Plow Pose)

Halasana or the plow pose not only good for the upper back but also good for the lower back pain. So, let’s check out the steps to practice Halasana to get rid of upper back pain. Halasana is very beneficial for upper back and neck.

How To Do Halasana (Plow Pose)?

  • Lay down on the back to make Halasana
  • Pull the arms directly on the ground next to the back
  • Place both the legs together
  • Close the eyes and leave the body loose
  • Now lift your both legs together
  • Take 1-2 breaths inside and out in this currency and make sure that your balance is correct
  • Now take both legs straight behind and touch the ground with your toes
  • Stay in this posture as long as possible
  • And then bring the feet back slowly


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