Effective Poses Of Yoga For Shoulders And Arms

Child Pose Or Balasana

Yoga teaches us how to sit, pranayama and meditation jointly. The regular practice of yoga receives numerous benefits such as benefits in health, mental strength, physical strength, protection from the broken body of the body and the purity of the body, we meet yoga. Yoga also helps to make us flexible and strong. Here I am going to give you an account of information about some poses of yoga for shoulders and arms to make them strong. See below the poses…

Child Pose Or Balasana

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1. Child Pose Or Balasana :

The meaning of “Bal” is an infant or child, in Balasan, we bow our head and body forward with a thunderbolt as a baby. This posture is very easy but it is also quite beneficial. Relieves the waist muscles and this seat also removes constipation. This posture which calms the mind, makes the nervous system calm down. This is one of the best yoga for shoulders and arms. See the steps below.

Steps To Do Balasana:

  • Put a clean mat on the floor and just kneel on the mat.
  • You have to start your session with kneeling. Be sure to bring both the toes together and separate the high heel. The knees should be set separately and it also goes on the hips. You should keep the same distance between your knees and your hips.
  • Keep your toes in front of the ground in mind.
  • Slowly keep yourself in the Vajrasana or Thunderbolt situation. Just make sure your back and lower spine are completely straight.
  • Now keep your body relaxed and let your body loose to the extent that you can. Place your hands next to your feet on the ground.
  • In the final stage, just touch the ground with your forehead. While touching the ground with your forehead, keep your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. Just focus on the flow of air in the nose and breathe slowly and remove.
  • Try to keep the body in position for 3-4 minutes and then go back to the awakening position.

Easy Pose Or Sukasana

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2. Easy Pose Or Sukasana :

The word Sukhasan literally means that it is easy to give happiness, this posture is very easy. This is a very effective yoga for shoulders and arms. See the steps below.

Steps To Do Sukhasana:

  • Sit down on the ground or pat the mattress to make dry land.
  • Now keep both feet front and straight.
  • Then take a leg heel under your other leg’s thigh and make the same sequence with the other leg. (Sit back and twist)
  • Now you straighten your back and spine. Keep in mind that do not bend over and over.
  • Leave the shoulders slightly sloppy, then take a deep breath inwards and then slowly release the breath.
  • Put the palms on one over your palms.
  • Raise your head slightly and close your eyes.
  • Put your focus on your breathing process, keep on breathing deeply.
  • If there is difficulty in the beginning, then you can sit and tie up to the wall.

Mountain Pose Or Tadasana

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3. Mountain Pose Or Tadasana :

Tadasana is a Yogasana which is known as mountain pose in English. This yoga pose makes the whole body flexible and prevents it from being tight and hard. It is a yoga that creates not only the muscles but the subtle muscles too much flexibility. This is one of the best yoga for shoulders and arms. See the steps below.

Steps To Do Tadasana:

  • To do this, first, place a blanket on the ground and stand upright. Then mix your legs together. And keep both hands straight by the waist.
  • At this time your body should not move steady movements. Meaning your body weight should be on your feet. Now gradually bring hands parallel to the shoulders.
  • Now put fingers of both palms above the head. Now, stretching your hands in the air while you breathe, till you do not feel stretched in the shoulders and chest. As long as you have to pull.
  • Now lift the edges of your legs and stand on the strength of the claw carefully. Now fold the hand claw upwards by applying a finger lock.
  • At this time your neck should be straight and the palms should be above and that should mean towards the sky. Keep in mind that the balance of the body of your feet remains in balance.
  • After some time, after resting in this condition, bring the hands back to the head, leaving the breath. Gradually, the anterooms should also be placed on the ground, and bringing both hands down, touching the waist, the first condition of the situation, then come into the resting posture. Keep this posture regularly at least 10-12 times.

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Triangle Pose Or Trikonasana

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4. Triangle Pose Or Trikonasana:

Trikonasana is composed of two words of Sanskrit trikone and asana. Trikonasana is very important for health and by doing this, health benefits have many benefits. This asana fills the person with energy and provides more stamina for routine action so that we can work more active all day.

Steps To Do Trikonasana:

  • Stand up to do this asana.
  • Keep a distance of 3 feet between legs.
  • Spread your arms on both sides of your shoulders.
  • Now breathe, leaving the breath right side (right side) bends. Look at the front while bending.
  • Try to touch the right foot with the right hand.
  • Keep the left hand upwards, and place the sight toward the left hand.
  • Now, straighten the exercise again by changing hands to the other side.
  • Do this practice 20 to 30 times.
  • When breathing in the body, lift the breath and leave the breath while bending.

Tree Pose Or Vrikshasana

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5. Tree Pose Or Vrikshasana:

Vrikshasana is the Sanskrit word where it means tree and asana. When this pose is practiced effectively, this currency shows the shape of the tree, which is why it is called Vrikshasana. This pose is very effective for shoulder and arms. See the steps below.

Steps To Do Vrikshasana:

  • To do this posture, first stand upright.
  • Put your left foot on your body, then turn your right leg.
  • Take the right foot on the knees and put it on your left foot.
  • Take the palms of your hands in prayer and then take them to your chest.
  • Press the sword of your right foot with your left foot.
  • Press your left foot soles on the ground.
  • Take your hands over the head while taking a deep breath.
  • Keep your head straight and look at the front.
  • Now in this position stay up to a few seconds.
  • Repeat this currency for 2 to 5 times in both ways.


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