Effective Poses Yoga For Sinusitis Treatment

yoga for sinusitis

yoga for sinusitis

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Sinusitis is a common problem of today, which is caused by inflammation caused by an infection in the sinus. Anything from winter-cold, allergic or nasal abscess, etc. can also be the root cause of this problem. Many times sinusitis does not provide much relief from medicines. In this case, yoga is a great and effective alternative for the treatment of which you do not have any harm in taking medication. So let’s see which are the poses of yoga for sinusitis. See this below…

Yoga provides relief not only from sinusitis but also due to the problems caused by it, such as Migraine and Blocked Nose. Apart from this, yoga relaxes the muscles of the lower part of the nose which gets swollen due to sinusitis. So let’s know about the poses of yoga for Sinusitis.

What Is Sinusitis

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What Is Sinusitis?

Sinus is known as inflammation of the tissue in the lining or swelling sinusitis. When a sinus is healthy, they are filled with air. But when filled with fluid and blocked, the formation of germs inside the sinus can cause infection.

Sinusitis begins in the form of the common cold and then develops fully in the form of a bacterial, viral or fungal infection. Sinus are small hollow cavity structures filled with air, which start to grow in the middle of the cheeks and forehead bones and eyes between the nose. Like maxillary sinus in both sides of the bone, frontal sinus in the forehead on the nose, ethmoid sinus near the eyes and the brain sphenoid sinus (sphenoid) in the middle of the skull.

Sinusitis causes swelling of sinus and is caused by an infection. You may experience headache or pain and nose closing in your face. Many times it starts blowing every nose with the nose. The pain depends on the type of sinusitis that the sufferer is affected

Yoga For Sinusitis:

Medicines are not that much effective for sinusitis. Yoga is the most helpful way to treat sinusitis without any kind of side effects. So, let’s know about some poses of yoga for sinusitis. These yoga poses are very much useful and easy to practice. See the yoga poses below…

Gomukhasana Or Cow Face Pose

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Gomukhasana Or Cow Face Pose:

In the final pose of Gomukhasana a the person’s shape resembles as cows face, that’s why this pose called Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose. This is one of the great poses of yoga for sinusitis. This yoga pose helps to treat sinus and other health issues related to this. See how to do this below…

Steps To Do Gomukhasana Or Cow Face Pose:

  • Sit on a mat.
  • After this, keep the heel of your left foot near the right buttocks and place the right foot on the left thigh.
  • You have to keep it in such a way that both knees come to each other.
  • After this, move the left hand behind the back, as well as the right hand behind the right shoulder.
  • Keep both hands together, but keep in mind that while doing this seat, your neck is straight.
  • Eyes kept closed and in this condition remained 30 seconds to one minute.
  • You can choose the time you want.
  • Repeat this posture 2 to 3 times.
  • After doing it on one side, do the same from the other side.

Bhujangasana Or Cobra Pose

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Bhujangasana Or Cobra Pose:

The word “Bhujang” is derived from the Sanskrit language. Bhujang means snake, hence Bhujangana is also called “Cobra Pose”. Bhujangasana is one of the great yoga for sinusitis. It is very beneficial for patients with back pain. See below how to do this yoga pose.

Steps To Do Bhujangasana Or Cobra Pose:

  • Lie down on the stomach.
  • Keep both feet together.
  • Head on the ground, eyes open and twist both sides with an elbow.
  • Keep hands under the shoulders.
  • Do not move the elbows outwards, but keep it with the body.
  • Do not breathe in one go, but rather slowly, while doing asana, breathe slowly.
  • Slowly start breathing and then lift the head.
  • Turn the neck backward.
  • You should also lift the shoulder while placing the back muscles.
  • Put a little pressure on the palms, lift up to the chest and navel.
  • In each case, the navel should be raised up to 30 cm above the ground.
  • Not much, otherwise the waist will also rise.
  • In this situation, elbows will not be straightforward.
  • After this, look towards the sky.
  • In this stage, the breath There will be a stretch on the lower part of the waist, which you will find.
  • Stay in this condition for 3-4 seconds and then come back to normal stage.

Ustrasana Or Camel Pose

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Ustrasana Or Camel Pose:

Ushtrasana has got its name from the Sanskrit word “Ushtr”, which means “camel” in English. Ushtrasana is very good for the spinal cord. Ushtrasana is another pose of yoga for Sinusitis. See how to do this below…

Steps To Do Ustrasana Or Camel Pose:

  • On the ground sit in such a way that your knees, thighs, and hips remain vertically on the ground.
  • Turn your hives slowly inwards and bring the hips closer, but do not tighten the hips. Keep in mind that try to keep the hips as soft as possible.
  • Hold the fingers with your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Put your hands behind your pelvis in such a way that your palms handle your hips and your fingers are on the feet.
  • Support your tail bone firmly towards Pubis. The portion between your stomach and thigh should not tilt forward.
  • Slowly lift your heart while breathing and press your shoulders towards the ribs on the back.
  • Taking the head of your tailbone and shoulders, keeping the head above, bending down the chin with the chest bone and bending the hands down on the pelvis.
  • Keep in mind that your lower ribs will not get too much upwards. This will make the stomach tight and pressure on the lower part of your body.
  • Raise the front part of the pelvis towards the ribs. Keep your palms firmly on your plaques and your fingers are toward the fingertips. By doing this, your arms will turn outward and your shoulders will shrink slightly.
  • Stay in this currency for 30-60 seconds.
  • Do this asana 5-6 times or when you feel comfortable.

Setu Bandhasana Or Bridge Pose

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Setu Bandhasana Or Bridge Pose:

The name of Setubandhasana is derived from two Sanskrit words: “Setu” and “Bandh”. Setu means bridge and bandh mans tied. In this posture you keep your body tied or stuck in the middle of a bridge, so named it “Setubandhasana”. This is another yoga for Sinusitis.

Steps To Do Setu Bandhasana Or Bridge Pose:

  • Lie flat on your back. Keep your fingers in the forearm.
  • Turn the legs closer to your hips by folding the legs. Get as close as possible.
  • Put the weight on your hands and slowly raise the hips up. When doing this, breathe in.
  • Keep feet firmly positioned. Turn as much as the bench, turn it around. Do not exceed your ability – gradually you can do more with practice.
    Now add both hands.
  • If possible, focus on the nose or look toward the roof.
  • Stay in this pose for 5-10 seconds, then return the hips to the ground.
  • Leave the breath while you are coming down.
  • If possible, please run 2 to 3 times.

Adho Mukha Svanasana Or Downward-Facing Pose

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Adho Mukha Svanasana Or Downward-Facing Pose:

Adho Mukha Svanasana is another great pose of yoga for sinusitis. This is a posture with the help of which you can calm your mind and remove depression. If this posture is practiced on a regular basis, blood circulation in our head will be done properly, digestion will remain correct and we will be relaxed.

Steps To Do Adho Mukha Svanasana Or Downward-Facing Pose:

  • Sit down first in Vajrasana.
  • After this, come to the underdressed respiration.
  • This is also called a Dog Pose.
  • Fold the toes in it.
  • Then lift the buttocks upward and straighten the knees.
  • Keep both hands on the ground or the mat in it.
  • Your fingers should be stretched.
  • Keep your back and arms in the middle of the head while the head is in the middle.
  • While doing this asana it may seem that the body is in the shape of a triangle.
  • You can practice this asana from 10 to 15 minutes.

These are the yoga for sinusitis which are very much useful to treat sinusitis. These yoga helps to reduce the health issues caused by sinusitis also. So practice this yoga for sinusitis and say bye bye to sinusitis and the pain.

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