3 Poses Of Yoga To Lose Weight In 10 Days

source:- stylecraze . com We all want to stay fit by losing our weight. Staying fit is also essential for our life as obesity may cause...
yoga for mothers

Yoga For Mothers To Get Healthy Body After Baby’s Delivery

Source :- static1.squarespace . com Due to a busy lifestyle and in the care of the baby after pregnancy, the mother does not have time to...
bhujangasana benefits

Bhujangasana Benefits Everyone Should Know

Bhujangasana is a famous pose of yoga which is known for its benefits on our health. This yoga pose is very much effective to...
Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

5 Effective Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Yoga is the spiritual practice of ancient India that keeps our mind and body clean. Yoga poses are called Asanas, which is a Sanskrit...
Yoga For Stomach Pain

5 Quick And Easy Poses Of Yoga For Stomach Pain

While portion control is an incredible thing to rehearse, now and again we escape, abandoning us with gas, queasiness, loose bowels, as well as...
Steps To Do

Ustrasana Benefits Everyone Should Know About

Ustrasana (उष्ट्रासन) is a great yoga pose for overall health. The word Ustrasana is made of two words. "Ustr" is a Sanskrit word which...
vajrasana benefits

20 Astonishing Vajrasana Benefits And Instruction To Do It

Source :- sepalika . com Vajrasana composed of two words of Sanskrit “Vajra” and “Asana”. Sanskrit word “Vajra” means thundering in the sky. Here the thunderbolt...
yoga asanas for reducing waist side bulges

Effective Yoga Asanas For Reducing Waist Side Bulges

Source Looking for a toned stomach, but crunching ab sounds just boring? Try yoga poses instead. Doing yoga properly not only gives you a flat...
Natarajasana benefits

Natarajasana Benefits On Health To Know About

Source:- http:// www . ayurvedayogapractice . com/natarajasana/ 'Nataraj' is a symbol of Shiva's 'Tandava dance'. This dance of Nataraja is the indicator of five great...
Why We Need Yoga Poses For Abs

Yoga Poses For Abs: You Won’t Have To Go To The...

Yoga can be very helpful if you are struggling to flatten your stomach or to tone the stomach muscles or abs well. The practice...

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