Plank Position: Step By Step Instruction To Practice Plank


Plank position is such an exercise, which is not easy for everyone. So most of the generation does not include the plank position in their workout routine. But let us tell you that by doing the daily practice you get many advantages, which can’t be practiced by any other exercise. Balancing and strengthening can be achieved only through its regular practice, which is proved to be very important to make the body fit. Let’s know how in details about the plank positions are there and the right way to do it.


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During exercise, you have often practiced Plank. There are even individuals who practice Plank only, but if you want you can practice Plank in many ways. Generally people believe that it only works on your upper body, but additionally, you need to reduce the risk of obesity, flexibility in the body, back pain relief, strong metabolism, relieving stress and depression, strengthening of inner core mussels Provides many benefits, such as rescue and toned butt by osteoporosis. So you must practice it. So let’s talk about the way to do different types of plank positions today.

Straight or High Plank

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Straight or High Plank

  • To practice it, first turn your knees and sit on the ground
  • At the same time, hang the two palms on the floor
  • During this time your body should be in the same direction from head to foot.
  • Also, the weight of the body should be on the fingers of the arms and legs instead of the palms.
  • Stay in this plank position for a while now.
  • After this, come to normal stage.

Side Plank

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Side Plank

This Planck is done on one hand side

  • For its practice, you lie down in the side
  • Now place one hand on the ground
  • Put the other hand on your waist
  • Now lift your whole body upwards
  • During this time your whole body load is on your one hand
  • To make variations in it, you can also exercise by turning hands on the ground instead of holding palms

Knee Plank

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Knee Plank

In this Planck practice, all the weight of your body is in the place of the palms on the knee.

  • For this you lie down in the position of your pushups
  • But during this time you should turn your hands on the ground
  • Also bend the knees.
  • Your knees should be on the ground and lower the lower part of the foot above the ground
  • Put the head down
  • Stay in this state for a few moments
  • After this return to normal stage
  • Keep in mind that at this stage your back and hips should be upwards.

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Plank with shoulder touch

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Plank with shoulder touch

It is a bit difficult to do this plank position. So you should practice it only when you get used to Plank

  • To do this, you have to practice like a standard plank.
  • But in straight plank where both of your hands are on the ground while exercising Plank with shoulder touch, one hand is on the ground and the other hand is on your shoulder (See the Image)

Low Plank

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Low Plank

  • To practice, low plank get into the pushup pose
  • Rest the body weight on the forearms instead of on the palms
  • Your body should be in a straight line at this point of time
  • Clench the abdominals to hold this plank position for sometimes.

Precaution to take during Plank position:

Plank positions undoubtedly come with a handful of benefits, but while doing so some things should be taken into notice to get the most of it.

First of all, if your core muscles are weak then do not practice it.

If you have high blood pressure then avoid doing this

Do not stick your butt out while practicing plank

Benefits Of Plank Positions

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Benefits Of Plank Positions:

Physical balance:

Planking gives you physical balance. There is no pressure on any particular organ to perform any plank position.

Flexibility increases:

It is important to have muscle flexible, because it decreases the risk of cramps and injuries. Plank makes your shoulders, hamstrings, and collarbone flexible by stretching.


While planking, you have to keep your waist straight. Thereby strengthening the upper and lower part of the waist and the shape of the body is correct.

Metabolism increases:

Many muscles are active together in Plank Exercise. By which metabolism increases and extra fat does not grow on the body. Along with this you do not have problems like gas, indigestion.

The core is strengthened:

Doing these exercises strengthens your core (stomach and its surrounding muscles). Which causes excess fat burn and you are thin. At the same time, you get more weight in strength training.


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