Thoppukaranam | Super Brain Yoga | 5 Easy Steps To Do


Medical science is hidden in many of the methods that most individuals in our country generally follow. Unaware of that fact, many people leave Thoppukaranam as a mere ritual. Foreigners who know the changes that take place in the body due to Thoppukaranam have given it the name ‘Super Brain Yoga’ and are looking for wellness through it. So let’s now see and read about this Thoppukaranam or Super Brain Yoga below.

What Is Thoppukaranam or Super Brain Yoga?

Thoppukaranam or Super Brain Yoga practice is a modest squatting pose. It doesn’t comprise any turning and twisting of your body. It’s an informal procedure that expands your mental health as well as keeps it constant. So, let’s now know about the origin of Thoppukaranam or Super Brain Yoga.

The word Thoppukaranam was derived from the Tamil language.

Where the word “Thorpe”, which means “hands” and

“Karanam”, which means “ears”

Thoppukaranam is a famous Yogic procedure that is thought to enhance the attention of the concentration and to trigger the shares of the mind which then aids in one achieving higher wisdom of awareness.

According to the Hindu Yogis, the “Superbrain Yoga” consequence of this exercise has started the energy connections of the brain. It supports attaining an ultimate level of awareness through one easy process.

5 Easy Steps To Do Thoppukaranam:

Step 1:

One should stand straight with your feet to some extent apart from each other so that you have good balance and stability.

Let the hands rest by the sides while you stand and practice a few rounds of deep and slow breathing before starting your yoga practice

Step 2:

Now raise your left hand to catch and hold your right earlobe with your thumb placed on the back and your forefinger placed on the front side of your earlobe.

Similarly, raise your right one to catch and hold your left earlobe with your thumb placed on the back and your forefinger placed on the front side of your earlobe.


You can keep the eyes close to make your practice more meditative or open them to uphold balance. The choice is all yours

Step 3:

Inhale deep and slow breathing during the practice and exhale with a fiery “whoosh” as well as go down speedily to the squatting position or Utkatasana.

On the other hand, you can practice the half squat position or Ardha Utkatasana in case you aren’t able to perform the squatting position.

Step 4:

Try to keep the upper body as straight as possible all over the exercise so that your energy power can stream in a continuous manner.

Do not press the back and front of your earlobe with your thumb hard. And try to maintain a slight distance between your left and right feet.

Step 5:

Now come back up to the standing position while inhaling your next breath. Place your right hand on the right side and the left one on the left side. Take and repeat this process at least 6 times


For better outcomes Perform about 6 rounds of the training at every practice. Over the long run, as your perseverance develops, you can extend it to 12 rounds at every practice for the greatest benefits.


Best Time To Perform Thoppukaranam:

The best and ideal opportunity to rehearse Superbrain Yoga is toward the beginning of the day. Rise early and spruce up.

Wear agreeable garments and eliminate any adornments from the body. And also maintain regularity to attain the highest benefits out of the yoga pose

Benefits of Super Brain Yoga:

It was a punishment method in the teaching space as prevalently recognized in Indian educational organizations. However, an inveterate Yogic practice of this Indian asana proves to be providing power to the brain.

Superbrain Yoga asana kind of improves our entire body parameters. In case our brain is functioning fine then all other portions can assuredly work fine.

Choa Kok Sui Yogi has even inscribed many books on superbrain Yoga asana and its remedial methods.

It was initially a way of punishment via this procedure and often on a bordering note, it’s a common act in temples.

Such a pose indicates the individual’s expedition for improvement by punishing himself over this practice. So, let’s now see and read its power and benefits below…

Improve our Psychological Health:

This yoga asana harmonizes the dominant open brain waves as well as, in the procedure, energizes & stimulates our left and right brains.

With regular practice, we get to reduce stress as well as improve our psychological health.

Helps Our Brain To Function Properly:

Yes, you read it right. Several years of such asana helps our brain open up widely and thus our brain functions properly. That’s why yogis say Superbrain Yoga allows our brain to open and function healthily.

Make Brain Sharp:

The benefits of Thoppukaranam are such that such methods open up our brains to make them more approachable and open. Thus it increases our open creativity and also shows sharpness

Fights Stress-Related Situations:

Regular practice of this approach can improve the conditions of individuals dealing with depression, dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, dementia, and brain fog.

Incorporate it into your routine to effectively address any stress-related issues you may be experiencing.

Brings Inner Peace:

Superbrain Yoga helps mental intelligibility and upsurges serenity as well as inner peace. The open practice of this asana also helps in monitoring our appetite and showing good health.

Improves Memory:

The technique works miracles on older individuals and radically opens their remembrance for day-to-day right actions. But to get that open and vivid memory we need years of practice.

This yoga asana has acquired help from different exploration studies, and the majority of the created nations have received it as an ordinary exercise which is additionally suggested by Doctors. It is additionally carried out in the School’s capability.

With its broad impact on the human mind, it is getting mainstream among the majority particularly in India and Western nations also.

It is appropriately named Superbrain Yoga which procured its standing, particularly in Western nations like the USA where extraordinary workshops are properly done to help and show anxious individuals to learn and dominate this strategy.


The whole interaction may appear to be too easy to even consider accepting that it could transform anything inside you, however, with regular practice you will see a huge distinction in your fixation levels within half a month.

You will start to see critical changes within the initial three months of your training, and in seven months, you will see that your psychological capacities have improved. On account of kids, you’ll notice 20-35% psychological improvement.


Q. Did You Know About Thoppukaranam AKA ‘Super Brain’ Yoga?

A. Each day, there appears to be an innovative kind of yoga asana popping up. Currently is one of these days. A new asana named Thoppukaranam AKA Superbrain Yoga– the power for brain health.

Q. What Is the effect of repetitive yogic squats with specific hand positions (Thoppukaranam) on selective attention and psychological states?

A. Thoppukaranam harmonizes the dominant open brain waves as well as, in the procedure, energizes & stimulates our brain. Regular practice reduces stress & improves our psychological health.

Q. How to do Super Brain Yoga (Thoppukaranam) And What Are Its Benefits?

A. Thoppukaranam or Superbrain Yoga asana is an open easy squatting practice. For this, you do not have to twist and turn your body. It’s a simple procedure that advances our mental health

Q. How to do Thoppukaranam, Super Brain Yoga?

A. Superbrain Yoga asana might be easy, but one should practice it accurately as well as take the needed protections to make the procedure smooth, open, & efficient.

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